The Irish in Europe Project promotes scholarly research on Irish migration to continental Europe in the early modern period.
  • Concept

    The Irish in Europe Project is a multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional research initiative providing biographical databases and other resources to researchers and the general public.
  • Research

    The Irish in Europe Project provides an interactive repository for data collected in completed research projects and acts as a support for current and projected research initiatives.
  • Interpretation

    The Irish in Europe Project provides a forum for the presentation of the latest research on the Irish in Europe with regularly updated reports on new publications.
    Book with illegible text from the Salamance Archvive
  • New Material

    The Irish in Europe Project provides researchers with the opportunity to showcase their new research, not only as articles, chapters and monographs but also as other research tools. (Image credit, Irish College, Paris).
    Paris Library interior view

Working with the Sources

Historical Archives

The surviving documentary records of the Irish in Europe are held in a great number of archival repositories, most of them in continental collections. Work to catalogue, present and, in some cases, restore these sources continues in a number of libraries and archives. The work of archivists, librarians and information technology experts is an indispensable part of the Irish in Europe research project.

Virtual Research Enviroment

The Irish in Europe Project provides integrated access in a customised virtual research environment to four legacy databases. The humanities data modeling and information technology components of the IRCHSS-funded project to process and host these databases was conceived by John Keating (NUI Maynooth), assisted by Damien Gallagher. The virtual research enviroment is temporarily off-line, since the research environment is being updated and moved to a new server.